T series

The Concept Audio T series is designed for premium performance at an attractive price level.

M series

The Concept Audio M series is the compact versatile range of Concept Audio.
Designed for extreme portability, all speakers are designed to minimize cabinet volume and delivering maximum punch for the compact housing.

CA series

The CA series is a complete serie in the highest level of speakers.The CA serie is for the professional a must in production. 

Smart 300 series

The Smart 300 is an multifunctional speaker wich is for single use ora as an array use mode

Loudspeaker Controller

The LP 26 is the controller for our complete series, with two inputs and six outputs is fits perfect. each channel has a limiter delay and ten parametric equalizing

Installed series
This speaker series are ment for installation and have 100v transformer and 8ohm.
all these products are verry wel machting with the digidrive DTR serie and the REF serie